ALISE 2016 has ended
The ALISE 2016 Conference theme of “Radical Change: Inclusion and Innovation” celebrates the far reaching impact of Eliza T. Dresang’s work. The conference welcomes contributions that explore inclusive practices and innovative strategies in teaching and research, with special interest for Cultural Diversity, Digital Societies, Intellectual Freedom, Social Justice and International Resources.

Our logo for the conference is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. This is a great symbol of radical change and transformation. Although the caterpillar and the butterfly exist in the same environment, each has its own perception and understanding of the world. As the caterpillar prepares for transformation, it must build the chrysalis, which acts as protection and change agent. When the radical change is completed, the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis into a new world, one of amazing potential and opportunity. The radical transformation and change allows the caterpillar to move beyond its small environment as a beautiful butterfly excited and ready to see and learn about its brave new world. 

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avatar for Emily Mae Seitz

Emily Mae Seitz

Recent graduate (Rutgers University, May 2015), United States of America
Tuesday, January 5

6:30pm EST

Wednesday, January 6

8:00am EST

8:30am EST

10:00am EST

10:30am EST

2:00pm EST

Session 2.1 A Juried Paper: Effecting Radical Change: Understanding High School Principals’ Views of Teacher and Librarian Collaboration Arlington (Mezzanine)Don Latham Session 2.1 B Juried Paper: Online Peer Support: Enhancing the Research Culture among LIS Practitioners Arlington (Mezzanine)Lili Luo, PhD. Session 2.1 C Juried Paper: An Examination of Avid Young Readers’ Blogs Arlington (Mezzanine)Emily Mae Seitz Session 2.2 Juried Panel: Instruction for Inclusion: Addressing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the LIS Curriculum Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Emily Drabinski • Joyce Gabiola • Lisa Hussey • Laura Saunders Session 2.3 SIG Session: Foreign language study in the LIS curriculum: A cross-cultural comparison of two innovative programs Berkeley (Mezzanine)Linda L. Lillard • Nítida Carranza • Debbie Faires • Charlotte Ford • Sandra Hirsh Session 2.4 A Juried Paper: Connected Learning Meets Radical Change: A Conference in a Classroom Cambridge (4th Floor)Kathleen Campana • Annette Y Goldsmith • J. Elizabeth Mills Session 2.4 B Juried Paper: “Who are the Librarians?” Bringing Practitioner Inquiry into the LIS Classroom Cambridge (4th Floor)Vanessa Irvin Session 2.4 C Juried Paper: Radical Changes in the Roles of School Librarians Cambridge (4th Floor)Lois Wine Session 2.5 A Juried Paper: The Use of Inquiry-Based Science Instruction and Award Winning Literature in the Library: Exploring a Radical Change in Library Lessons Clarendon (Mezzanine)Bree Ruzzi Session 2.5 B Juried Paper: Camp Read-a-Rama: Fully Engaged Literacy Learning Clarendon (Mezzanine)Clayton Copeland • Michelle H Martin • Kayla Washington Session 2.5 C Juried Paper: Information for inclusion: Assessing sociocultural contextual factors to support Filipino newcomers’ settlement to Canada Clarendon (Mezzanine)Danielle Allard Session 2.6 A Juried Paper: FRBR, conceptual knowledge and Harry Potter: radical change and innovative solutions in cataloging education White Hill (4th Floor)Deborah Theresa Lee Session 2.6 B Juried Paper: Enhancing Key Digital Literacy Skills in Library and Information Science Curricula: Report of a Knowledge Synthesis White Hill (4th Floor)Alexandre Fortier • Lisa Di Valentino Session 2.6 C Juried Paper: Awareness and use of altmetrics among LIS scholars and faculty White Hill (4th Floor)Sarah Sutton Session 2.7 Juried Panel: Radical Change in library learning spaces: Research on Makerspaces Whittier (4th Floor)June Abbas • Leanne Bowler • Kyungwon Koh • Heather Moorefield-Lang • Rebekah Willett

3:30pm EST

Thursday, January 7

7:30am EST

8:30am EST

10:30am EST

2:00pm EST

4:45pm EST

7:00pm EST