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The ALISE 2016 Conference theme of “Radical Change: Inclusion and Innovation” celebrates the far reaching impact of Eliza T. Dresang’s work. The conference welcomes contributions that explore inclusive practices and innovative strategies in teaching and research, with special interest for Cultural Diversity, Digital Societies, Intellectual Freedom, Social Justice and International Resources.

Our logo for the conference is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. This is a great symbol of radical change and transformation. Although the caterpillar and the butterfly exist in the same environment, each has its own perception and understanding of the world. As the caterpillar prepares for transformation, it must build the chrysalis, which acts as protection and change agent. When the radical change is completed, the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis into a new world, one of amazing potential and opportunity. The radical transformation and change allows the caterpillar to move beyond its small environment as a beautiful butterfly excited and ready to see and learn about its brave new world. 

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Wednesday, January 6

8:30am EST

Session 1.1 A Juried Paper: Innovation: Information professional activities within the Fanfiction community Arlington (Mezzanine)Heather Hill • Jen Pecoskie Session 1.1 B Juried Paper: Visualization of Co-Read Book Data at Goodreads.com: A Potential Readers’ Advisory Tool Arlington (Mezzanine)Wooseob Jeong • Laura Ridenour Session 1.1 C Juried Paper: The Role of Social Location and Back, Civil, and Forbidden Spaces in the Information Practices of LGBTQ Individuals Arlington (Mezzanine)Vanessa L. Kitzie • Marie Radford Session 1.2 SIG Session: Innovative Pedagogies in LIS Education Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Anthony Bernier • Marika Cifor • Nicole Amy Cooke • Keren Dali • Rich Gazan • Judi Moreillon • Stacy Wood Session 1.3 ALISE Awards and Papers Berkeley (Mezzanine) Session 1.4 Juried Panel: Radical Change and Ethical Practice in the LIS Classroom Cambridge (4th Floor)John Burgess • Emily Knox • Lorraine Mon • Heather B. Perry • Jessica M. Ross • Jennifer Steele Session 1.5 SIG Session: Radical Changes in Information Technology: Tapping into Gender Diverse Talent Pools Clarendon (Mezzanine)Lesley Farmer • Kristen Schuster • Rebecca Reynolds • Sharon Stoerger Session 1.6 A Juried Paper: LIS Student Engagement in Systematic Program Planning: Inclusion, Impact, and Innovation White Hill (4th Floor)Bill Kules • Elizabeth Lieutenant Session 1.6 B Juried Paper: Transforming LIS Students into a Mobile Workforce for 21st Century Libraries White Hill (4th Floor)Devendra Potnis Session 1.6 C Juried Paper: Trends of LIS education for Data Professionals White Hill (4th Floor)Jeonghyun {Annie} Kim

2:00pm EST

Session 2.1 A Juried Paper: Effecting Radical Change: Understanding High School Principals’ Views of Teacher and Librarian Collaboration Arlington (Mezzanine)Don Latham Session 2.1 B Juried Paper: Online Peer Support: Enhancing the Research Culture among LIS Practitioners Arlington (Mezzanine)Lili Luo, PhD. Session 2.1 C Juried Paper: An Examination of Avid Young Readers’ Blogs Arlington (Mezzanine)Emily Mae Seitz Session 2.2 Juried Panel: Instruction for Inclusion: Addressing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the LIS Curriculum Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Emily Drabinski • Joyce Gabiola • Lisa Hussey • Laura Saunders Session 2.3 SIG Session: Foreign language study in the LIS curriculum: A cross-cultural comparison of two innovative programs Berkeley (Mezzanine)Linda L. Lillard • Nítida Carranza • Debbie Faires • Charlotte Ford • Sandy Hirsh Session 2.4 A Juried Paper: Connected Learning Meets Radical Change: A Conference in a Classroom Cambridge (4th Floor)Kathleen Campana • Annette Y Goldsmith • J. Elizabeth Mills Session 2.4 B Juried Paper: “Who are the Librarians?” Bringing Practitioner Inquiry into the LIS Classroom Cambridge (4th Floor)Vanessa Irvin Session 2.4 C Juried Paper: Radical Changes in the Roles of School Librarians Cambridge (4th Floor)Lois Wine Session 2.5 A Juried Paper: The Use of Inquiry-Based Science Instruction and Award Winning Literature in the Library: Exploring a Radical Change in Library Lessons Clarendon (Mezzanine)Bree Ruzzi Session 2.5 B Juried Paper: Camp Read-a-Rama: Fully Engaged Literacy Learning Clarendon (Mezzanine)Clayton Copeland • Michelle H Martin • Kayla Washington Session 2.5 C Juried Paper: Information for inclusion: Assessing sociocultural contextual factors to support Filipino newcomers’ settlement to Canada Clarendon (Mezzanine)Danielle Allard Session 2.6 A Juried Paper: FRBR, conceptual knowledge and Harry Potter: radical change and innovative solutions in cataloging education White Hill (4th Floor)Deborah Theresa Lee Session 2.6 B Juried Paper: Enhancing Key Digital Literacy Skills in Library and Information Science Curricula: Report of a Knowledge Synthesis White Hill (4th Floor)Alexandre Fortier • Lisa Di Valentino Session 2.6 C Juried Paper: Awareness and use of altmetrics among LIS scholars and faculty White Hill (4th Floor)Dr. Sarah Sutton Session 2.7 Juried Panel: Radical Change in library learning spaces: Research on Makerspaces Whittier (4th Floor)June Abbas • Leanne Bowler • Kyungwon Koh • Heather Moorefield-Lang • Rebekah Willett

4:00pm EST

Session 3.1 A Juried Paper: The GSLIS Carnegie Scholars Arlington (Mezzanine)Nicole Amy Cooke Session 3.1 B Juried Paper: Getting Beyond Green: Radical Change Theory Broadens the Spectrum of Sustainability for LIS Education Arlington (Mezzanine)Tonyia J Tidline Session 3.1 C Juried Paper: LIS Professionals and Social Work: Facilitating the Change and Transition of Immigration Arlington (Mezzanine)Keren Dali Session 3.2 A Juried Paper: Old Skills, New Practices Mean Radical Change for Library Education Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Deborah Turner Session 3.2 B Juried Paper: Approaches to Knowledge in Libraries and in Library and Information Science Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Jay H Bernstein • James W Marcum Session 3.2 C Juried Paper: Historical inquiry as a form of innovation: Encouraging the development of dynamic professional identities in librarianship Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Kristen Schuster Session 3.3 Juried Panel: Cultural Heritage Informatics at Simmons: Towards an Innovative Case-based Curriculum Berkeley (Mezzanine)Peter Botticelli • Michele Cloonan • Martha Mahard Session 3.4 SIG Session: Radical Change and Youth Services in Library and Information Science: A Participatory YS SIG - Panel Discussing the Impact of Radical Change Theory in Youth Services Cambridge (4th Floor)Maria Cahill • Kathleen Campana • Sabrina Carnesi • Liya Deng • Colette Drouillard • Andrea Forte • Annette Y Goldsmith • Adriane Grumbien • KaaVonia Hinton • Kyra Hunting • Kyungwon Koh • Rachel Magee • J. Elizabeth Mills Session 3.5 Juried Panel: Lifelong Learning for Librarians: Building Expertise in Research Methods Clarendon (Mezzanine)Andrew Asher • Chris Bourg • Lynn Connaway • Donna Lanclos • Maura Smale Session 3.6 SIG Session: The Global Classroom: Strategies for Designing Innovative Cultural Immersion Programs in Library and Information Science Education White Hill (4th Floor)Susan Alman • Renate Chancellor • Sandy Hirsh • Shari Lee • Peta Wellstead
Thursday, January 7

8:30am EST

10:30am EST

Session 5.1 President's Program: A Report from the ALA Equity, Diversity Task Force Arlington (Mezzanine)Trevor A. Dawes • Martin Garnar Session 5.2 Juried Panel: Valuing Student Voices: Master’s Students’ Critical Perspectives on LIS Education Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Kate McDowell Session 5.3 A Juried Paper: The Lilead Fellows Program: An Alternative Approach for Preparing School Library Leaders Berkeley (Mezzanine)Jeffrey DiScala • Christie Kodama Session 5.3 B Juried Paper: Educating Leaders for Radical Change through Community Service Berkeley (Mezzanine)Jody Howard • Sue Kimmel • Bree Ruzzi Session 5.3 C Juried Paper: Towards Developing a Radical Model of Collaboration for Public Librarians and Teachers Berkeley (Mezzanine)Melissa Gross • Heidi Julien • Don Latham • Shelbie Witte Session 5.4 SIG Session: #SpeakingTruthToPower: Exploring Social Justice LIS Educators’ Use of Social Media in the Age of Institutional Censorship Cambridge (4th Floor)Delicia Tiera Greene • Robin F. Kurz • Safiya Umoja Noble • Toni Samek Session 5.5 A Juried Paper: What’s Your Epistemology?: Quiz Design as a Pedagogical Tool in LIS Doctoral Education Clarendon (Mezzanine)Emily Lawrence • Beth Strickland Session 5.5 B Juried Paper: A Radical Change in LIS Doctoral Research: A Bibliometric Mapping From 1960-2013 Clarendon (Mezzanine)Fei Shu Session 5.5 C Juried Paper: Fueling the Profession to Drive Change Clarendon (Mezzanine)Nora Bird • Michael Crumpton Session 5.6 Juried Panel: Breaking Barriers to Information Access: New Information Literacies in Service to Wider Communities White Hill (4th Floor)Chris Cunningham • Liya Deng • Stan Trembach • Deborah Wright Yoho • Emma Zhang Session 5.7 Juried Panel: Radical Change Theory Means Sustainability for LIS Education and Research Whittier (4th Floor)John Burgess • Clara M. Chu • Rachel Fleming-May • Tonyia J Tidline

2:00pm EST

Session 6.1 A Juried Paper: Lacking Control: Learning Analytics and Student Privacy Arlington (Mezzanine)Kyle Matthew Lauer Jones Session 6.1 B Juried Paper: Exploring Eye Movements for Inferring Differences in Online Information Searching Behavior. A Case Study of American and Chinese Students. Arlington (Mezzanine)Sara Chizari Session 6.1 C Juried Paper: Inclusive & Connected Learning: Evaluating and Refining an Academic Community Blogging Platform Arlington (Mezzanine)Michael Stephens Session 6.2 A Juried Paper: Rural Public Libraries as Community Change Agents: Opportunities for health promotion Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Mary Grace Flaherty Session 6.2 B Juried Paper: Mind the Gap: Public Library Services for an Aging Population Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Nicole K Dalmer Session 6.2 C Juried Paper: “No experience required”: radical changes in UK public libraries Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Claire Burrows • Heather Hill Session 6.3 OCLC Grant Papers Berkeley (Mezzanine)Lynn Connaway Session 6.4 SIG Session: Innovation and Inclusion: Considering the Scope and Vision of Information Ethics Education Cambridge (4th Floor)Jared Bielby • Jenny Bossaller • John Budd • A. J. Million • Toni Samek Session 6.5 A Juried Paper: Turning professional education inside out for the 2020 information landscape Clarendon (Mezzanine)Sheila Corrall Session 6.5 B Juried Paper: Designing the Future of Librarianship Clarendon (Mezzanine)Rachel Ivy Clarke Session 6.5 C Juried Paper: Reaching Across Boundaries: A Longitudinal Look at How LIS Faculty Collaborate Clarendon (Mezzanine)Prudence Dalrymple • Lisl Zach Session 6.6 SIG Session: Radical Change: Inclusion, diversity, and innovation in digital societies White Hill (4th Floor)John Bertot • Pnina Fichman • Jennifer Burek Pierce • Howard Rosenbaum • Madelyn Sanfilippo
Friday, January 8

8:30am EST

Session 7.1 Juried Panel: Strategies for Change: Qualitative LIS Research Methods and Furthering Social Justice Arlington (Mezzanine)Renate Chancellor • Shari Lee • Bharat Mehra • Kevin Rioux Session 7.2 A Juried Paper: A Different Kind of Diversity: Ruminations on the (Un)attractiveness of LIS Programs to Culturally Diverse Students Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Nadia Caidi • Keren Dali Session 7.2 B Juried Paper: What motivates future information professionals? It’s probably not what you think. Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Rajesh Singh Session 7.2 C Juried Paper: Fostering Diversity in Library and Information Science Education: The FEAL (IMLS) Grant Beacon Hill (4th Floor)Wooseob Jeong • Laura Ridenour Session 7.3 SIG Session: Confronting the contradictions: Professional ideals and realities for contingent faculty in LIS Berkeley (Mezzanine)Beverly Lynch • Carla Stoffle • Jennifer Sweeney Session 7.4 A Juried Paper: Opportunities and Challenges for Students in an Online Seminar-Style Course in LIS Education: A Qualitative Case Study Cambridge (4th Floor)Omer Farooq • Miriam Matteson Session 7.4 B Juried Paper: Radically Changing Collaboration: Development of Community in an Online School Library Course Cambridge (4th Floor)Jody Howard • Sue Kimmel • Old Dominion University Session 7.4 C Juried Paper: TBD Cambridge (4th Floor) Session 7.5 SIG Session: Stories of Change and Inclusion in LIS Education, 1890 - 1950 Clarendon (Mezzanine)C. Sean Burns • Susan Rathbun-Grubb • Christine A. Jenkins • Aisha M. Johnson • Suzanne M. Stauffer Session 7.6 A Juried Paper: Development of Empathy and Emotional Intelligence in a Public Library Leadership Curriculum White Hill (4th Floor) Session 7.6 B Juried Paper: Uncovering Cultural Heritage through Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) within the Division of Library and Information Science (DLIS) Program at St. John's University White Hill (4th Floor)Christine M. Angel Session 7.6 C Juried Paper: The less you teach, the better: An inclusive framework and pedagogy to support radical change White Hill (4th Floor)Kirstin Phelps Session 7.7 A Juried Paper: How accessible is accessible? An analysis of academic library websites Whittier (4th Floor)Claire Burrows Session 7.7 B Juried Paper: Potential applications of disability theory in LIS Whittier (4th Floor)Claire Burrows Session 7.7 C Juried Paper: Diversity of Participation, Thought, and Action: Museum Programming for Special Needs Children and Its Social Value Whittier (4th Floor)Liya Deng
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