ALISE 2016 has ended
The ALISE 2016 Conference theme of “Radical Change: Inclusion and Innovation” celebrates the far reaching impact of Eliza T. Dresang’s work. The conference welcomes contributions that explore inclusive practices and innovative strategies in teaching and research, with special interest for Cultural Diversity, Digital Societies, Intellectual Freedom, Social Justice and International Resources.

Our logo for the conference is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. This is a great symbol of radical change and transformation. Although the caterpillar and the butterfly exist in the same environment, each has its own perception and understanding of the world. As the caterpillar prepares for transformation, it must build the chrysalis, which acts as protection and change agent. When the radical change is completed, the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis into a new world, one of amazing potential and opportunity. The radical transformation and change allows the caterpillar to move beyond its small environment as a beautiful butterfly excited and ready to see and learn about its brave new world. 

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Trevor A. Dawes

University of Delaware
Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University Librarian
Since July 1, 2016, Trevor A. Dawes has been the vice provost for libraries and museums and May Morris University Librarian at the University of Delaware.  In this role he oversees the operations of the campus libraries, museums (three galleries) and the University of Delaware Press.  Prior to assuming this post, Dawes was an associate university librarian at Washington University in St. Louis. In this role Dawes had responsibility for the work of the Scholarly Services Department (comprising the subject librarians and the Data and GIS Services units), and the school and departmental libraries serving Business, Chemistry and Engineering, and Earth and Planetary Sciences. He also oversees the libraries’ diversity and outreach and scholarly communication operations. Dawes was previously circulation services director at the Princeton University Library, and held several positions at the Columbia University Libraries (NY) before joining Princeton.  He has also been an adjunct instructor at the College of Computing and Informatics (formerly the College of Information Science and Technology) at Drexel University since 2006.

In addition to being the 76th president of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) in 2013-14, Dawes’ activities in ACRL include serving as co-chair of the ACRL 2017 Scholarships Component Committee, co-chair of the ACRL 2013 Conference Invited Papers Component Committee (2011-2013) and co-chair of the ACRL 2011 Conference Poster Sessions Component Committee (2009-2011). Trevor was a member of the ACRL Scholarships Committee (2010-2011) and a member of the ACRL Appointments Committee (2007-2008). He also served as chair of the ACRL Professional Development Coordinating Committee (2006-2009) and as chair of the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award Nominating Committee (2004-2005).

His American Library Association (ALA) activities include serving as councilor at large on the ALA Council (2008-2011 and 2015-2018) and as a member of the ALA Committee on Committees (2010-2011). Trevor was a member of the ALA Committee on Education (2011-2013) and served as chair of the Committee on Diversity (2006-2007). He was a member of the LLAMA-SASS Technical Services Committee (2005-2009) and a member of the LLAMA Membership Committee (2005-2006). Trevor also served as an executive committee member at large of LLAMA-MAES (2003-2005) and as an executive board member of BCALA (2005-2007).

Trevor’s work with state and regional associations includes serving as executive board member at large of the New Jersey Library Association (2009-2013) and president of the ACRL-NJ/NJLA-CUS (2009-2010). He served as secretary of the ACRL-NJ/NJLA-CUS (2007-2008) and co-chair of the mentoring committee of the New Jersey Library Association (2006-2009). Trevor also was a member of the Cultural Diversity Committee of ACRL-NY (2003-2006).

Trevor won the Princeton University LGBT Center “Building Bridges Award” in 2009. He was a 2007 Library Journal “Mover and Shaker” and won the BCALA Leadership Award in 2007.
In 2015 Dawes had two book chapters published – both on the topic of leadership.  These chapters appear in Creating Leaders: An Examination of Academic and Research Library Leadership Institutes and Crucible Moments: Inspiring Library LeadershipHis previous publications include being co-editor of Twenty-first Access Services: On the Frontline of Academic Librarianship (ACRL), 2013; co-author of, “Assessing Reserve Management Systems: Do They Deliver on Their Promises?,” Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery and Electronic Reserve (Haworth Press) vol. 20, no.2, April 2010; editor of, “Marketing and Managing Electronic Reserves” (Haworth Press), 2006; and co-author of, “SPEC Kit #290: Access Services,” The Association of Research Libraries, 2005.

Dawes received his Ed.M. in Educational Leadership from Teachers College at Columbia University and his master’s of library science from Rutgers University. He earned his master of art in Educational Administration from Teachers College at Columbia University and his bachelor of arts in Sociology from Columbia University. Dawes was a 2008 Frye Fellow, and participated in the UCLA Senior Fellows program in 2014.

Each week, ACRL profiles a member to help show the diversity of its members and interests represented in the association.  In March 2012, ACRL profiled each of the candidates for the Board of Directors during that year’s election cycle.  Dawes’ profile may be viewed on the ACRL Member of the Week site.